Within the cold
I’m seen frozen.

No longer should
my love stay in motion.



If you lose what you’ve never loved
Have you lost?
If you love what was never yours
Have you loved?
And what it you never had anyone to love?
How can you do all of the above.


We all live to love
Some don’t ever love at all
You win some, lose some

1 drop

When it rains it pours
You are the water in my bucket
The one whom I adore.

6c 6f 76 65 less

I still don’t understand how I didn’t met your criteria.
Is it because I’m not good, or because I’m not bad enough?
Or maybe it’s the that way I look.
Maybe, it’s the way we appear in the photos you took.
How about the money I make? Will it suffice?
Could it possibly be the texts that wish you goodnight?

Now we’re here, giving our hearts a chance to broadcast
Every feeling we’ve had, from the future, now, and in the past.

“Hey why don’t you like me?” he asked.
“I know everything about you except the thoughts in your head.”
She whispered as she took off her clothes and laid in his bed.
“I have love to give, but I didn’t think you’d want it.”
“No. I just want to make sure your actions were honest.”

Planet 8

Every single moment created, has been define,
By one person or another.
Cold nights and scorching days, have all been quantified.
Boundaries set by man pushed, limits creep closer and closer,
As concentration intensifies.
Empty spaces, a lifeless entity, keep growing within.
Hunger consumes me, and leaves me dry.
Inside lies the urge to collapse multiple fissures
And the drive of life that insinuates within the night.
Surface bonds bend and break, but maintain shape.
Slowly terraforming into something slightly more rustic.
She never asked me too be like this or behave this way.
I guess that’s just Mother Nature saying,
“I am Planet 8.”

100 (Awful)

Hello I’m back
More timid than before.
Afraid to write, to type
Just afraid to express
Any emotion or concern
To anyone.

I met a new friend.
Passionate and inspiring,
Motivating and patient.
Kind and full of wisdom.
But more importantly

I met this girl.
Beautiful from every angle.
Her smile.
My God.
It will make you believe.
She’ll make you dance in class.
Make your food taste like sand.
Turn fall leaves from brown to black.
Who is this you ask?
You’ll just have to trust me on this
Because she’s so beautiful
You won’t be able to resist.

Hungry (Dinner)

Pussy fine like caviar,
Ass that ages like wine,
Chocolate hips melt like this.
Those tender thighs I’d love a bite.
A side of tits on this rack of ribs.

Excuse me miss, I’m ready to order.
I’ll take the lovers delight.
Then eat you out all night.

Where the Sunset Meets the Sea

All we know is chasing the sunset
until we get tired or until we forget.
So where does the sunset meet the sea?
It meets in places you wont believe.
Your heart, your mind, your beautiful brown eyes
any place where your love can supply.

I Don’t Know


And I know this isn’t the time or place to say I know you or even myself.
But I hope one day we’ll become more than a book unread.
Like the pages never turned or strangers who never met.
One word, a hello or even a goodbye.
Something to get us rolling, something to break the ice.
Until we find the courage to say what we need
I’ll keep on making excuses to keep you close to me.
When your near I start to think of subtle ways to call you mine.
So we talk and laugh and I’ll find anything to pass the time.
Times up.
It’s over and I’m seconds too late.
Next time, 
I’ll show you,
that I won’t make the same mistake.
But for now, I’m just glad we stare up at the same sky.
And all I can do is wish you sweet dreams and have a good night.